Human Resource Management and Oragnisation Behaviour

• Work life balance after Covid outbreak • Ensuring employee health, safety and productivity • News Sentiments and Mental health of Employees • Social issues in Management • Training of HR for Work from home • New trends in HRM and Knowledge Management after lockdown.


Global Market challenge and its impact on Business

• Restoring Supply chains • Customer engagement stratagies • Entertainment industry • Marketing stratagies and changing economic scenario • Global Market challenges and its impact of Business • Marketing strategy and role of Technology • Social Media Marketing • E-Commerce sector and lockdown • Critical thinking on marketing practiuces after crises


Finance and Economics

• Financial distress Management • SMEs during crisis: the battle for suvival • Changing realities for Entertainment industry sector • Indian Dispora and MNCs • Investment Opportunities and Stratagies in an Era of Coronavirus Pandemic • Effects of Crisis on Banking sector and Stock Market • Covid-19 Pandemic Versus Global Financial Crisis • Return Migration and Economy • Role of Behavioral Finance during Crisis


Information Technology, Business Intelligence and Data Science

• Effects of Covid-19 on the emerging technologies space • Usage of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Data Science related crisis handling issues during and after pandemic • Incident handling, Disaster recovery & Business continuity planning • cHallenges and opportunities for IT vendors in India. • Use of Clound computing after covid-19 pandemic. • The impact of Covid-19 on IoT now and beyond. • Pandemic battle plan and technology.